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Let’s do it – maybe!

Let's do it - poster of question markWe don’t need motivation for the things we want to do…

We’re already doing them!!

So maybe the best way to get things done is to connect with the reasons why they’re important to us?

Have affirmations had their day?

A far more effective way to motivate yourself, isn’t to tell yourself some powerful, positive statement, that isn’t true (at least, not yet!), is to ask yourself a question.

So instead of I will eat until I’m 80% full, or I will run for 20 minutes, or I will go to be at 11.00pm tonight.

Ask yourself, will I eat until I’m 80% full? Will I run for 20 minutes? Will I go to bed at 11.00pm tonight?

This approach is shown to increase our core motivation.

Of course the way we talk to ourselves makes all the difference.

Dr John Demartini said, “When we talk to ourselves, someone very important is listening!”

How true!






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