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How to boost your IQ by 10% (in 30 seconds)

How to boost your IQ by 10% (in 30 seconds)Wanna boost your IQ?

If you or people you love are taking exams and feeling overwhelmed by the pressure; if you’re feeling anxious and are afraid you’re going to fail; if you have any sort of intellectual challenge and you want to do your best, here’s a genuine way to boost your IQ by 10%.

Yes, really!

And in only 30 seconds or so.

According to new research, led by Professor Jiaying Zhao, this one simple, quick and easy act can actually improve your cognitive function and behavioural outcome.


And don’t pooh-pooh this – you can’t argue with science…

Here’s how to boost your IQ by a whopping 10%

Recall a past success!

Yup! that’s it!

Apparently, (and I suppose it makes sense), simply remembering where you’ve been successful in the past allows you to access that rather more powerful state of resourcefulness, equivalent to a massive 10 extra points of IQ.

So! Who’s going to give that a go?

For sure, pass the message on to anyone taking exams right now. Maybe they could do with it!

Try it and please report back.



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