Nick Vujicic

Overcoming hopelessness

You’re not stuck with it, no matter how it seems – there really are ways of overcoming hopelessness. Overcoming hopelessness by Nick

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Anger management

Anger management – the three secrets

You could call this Anger Management 101 It was certainly a lesson well-learnt for me – because one of us didn’t need

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Photo of children

Stop praising your kids!

Because you want the best for them! Have you ever wondered why is it that some folks stall at the first hurdle

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How to tell if you'll achieve your goal - quote

Do you know how to achieve your goal?

It’s a simple enough question, but do you really know how to achieve your goal? Let me tell you about a time

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Sort your head out! Happy New Year message

I’ll sort your head out because I’m The Head Fixer!

There’s quite a spread of problems that I can help people with, but they all have 3 things in common, and because I

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How to get rid of anxiety - photo of nervous cat

How to get rid of anxiety, especially if you’re anxious to do so!

No one likes to feel uncomfortable (do they?) so why would you put up with it when you can easily find out here

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