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Lysette’s work has been classified as a ‘game-changer’ and ‘the missing link’ by leading educationalists and as the must-have training for people who need leading-edge strategies for reaching their next level, improve their mindset and leverage their time. Her abilities really help them to massively expand their career and earning prospects.

Past clients include NMBA, Zurich, AXA Wealth, Partnership, Prudential, St James' Place, Brand Financial Training, Standard Life and The Patterson Group, Lysette has also made several appearances on BBC radio, Channel 4, Netflix and other TV channels and media. 

She is an accomplished speaker, presenter and author with a substantial history in teaching, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, New Code NLP, CBT, Positive Psychology and Evolutionary Psychology. Lysette’s clients benefit from her considerable world-class training and extensive experience so that they can reach their full potential, living happier, healthier, longer, more fulfilling lives.

Genius Material

Genius Material is the must-have training for financial advisers and other professionals, who need leading-edge strategies for passing exams easily, leveraging their time and massively expanding their career and earning prospects.

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Perfect for professionals who need to pass financial exams first time around which helps them to increase their income and advance their career.

With Genius Material you'll:

Achieve goals and become a highly-paid, respected professional, with an endless stream of high net-worth, quality clients. Using our Genius Material means you'll spend less time revising but score 80% in each exam. You’ll beat overwhelm and procrastination and boost your confidence and elevate your career. 

Do you want to:

Spend less time studying

Stop doing what doesn't work and instead, work smart and give your brain what it needs.

Pass every exam first time

Score 80% every time, retain information and accumulate knowledge and expertise.

Expedite your career

Manage your mind, manage your time, make excellent decisions and achieve goals quickly.

Could YOU be Genius Material?

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Genius Principles

"How Smart and Ambitious Women Tap into Their Innate Genius to Rapidly Advance to The Next Level"

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The Genius Principles teach you the powerful tools needed to access specific neural networks to not only thrive but succeed on your own terms. We’re talking about working intelligently with the way your brain is designed so that you can continually develop your personal and professional abilities. Automatically.

This is great if you are:

Feeling stuck

Either in your role, your company or in your mindset

Having Issues Trusting Your Own Voice

Feeling uncertain about your decisions and direction each day


And waiting for the ‘ideal’ time to take action

The Genius Principles work in such a way that creates permanent and positive changes, not only in your mindset, but also in the actions you take and how you feel on a daily basis. The step by step process helps you to break through many long-held self-imposed conscious and unconscious barriers that have held you back in certain areas of your life. The ease in which these improvements happen will surprise and delight you.

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