Overcoming hopelessness

You’re not stuck with it, no matter how it seems – there really are ways of overcoming hopelessness.

Overcoming hopelessness

by Nick Vujicic

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When you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle for someone else.

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The skill of self confidence

by Dr. Ivan Joseph

The ability to believe in yourself to accomplish any task.

It’s called a skill because you can learn it. The easiest way to build self-confidence, is repetition, repetition, repetition – just like every other skill you’ve ever learned.

It’s about sticking to your guns in the absence of agreement from those around you. Persistence. Persistence will help you towards the skills of confidence.

Also watch your self-talk. How do you talk to yourself? Are you harsh and unforgiving, or firm and kind, like the best parenting? Why do you want to tll yourself you’re not good enough? We know our thoughts influence our actions so why run yourself down. Mohammed Ali used to tell us, “I am the greatest.” Well, who else is going to do that for you, if you don’t?

Get away from the people who’ll tear you down. Because if you’re not careful, you’ll start believing them.



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