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What sort of revision notes should you make?

What sort of revision notes should you make - photo of coloured pencilsWe all process, store and retrieve information differently. And we all need to find the best way to revise for our own brain and learning preferences.

As you develop your own way of doing things, you might find some of the following ideas useful.

Ideas for highly visual learners

  • Use highlighters and coloured pens
  • Identify keywords
  • Try MindMapping
  • Use the Roman Room mnemonic
  • Compile charts and diagrams

Ideas for highly auditory learners

  • Record important points and listen to them
  • Explain to someone else what you’ve learnt
  • Listen to recorded lectures
  • Attend debates and talks about your subject
  • Record a question, leave a gap for the answer and then record the answer. When you listen back you can give the answer in the gap and listen again to the correct answer afterwards.

Ideas for highly kinaesthetic learners

  • Use the Memory Pegs mnemonic
  • Leave test questions for yourself around the house on post-it notes
  • Create storyboards
  • Use the Mapping mnemonic
  • Act out your notes



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