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Some strategies for success

road sign1. Find an appropriate strategy

Remember what we said recently? You are far more likely to achieve your goal by continually making small changes until you get there, rather than expecting to do it all in one big jump.

Look for someone who has already accomplished what you intend to and copy their behaviour, after all, if it works for them, it may well work for you.

2. What are you telling yourself?

Your internal dialogue will either motivate you to follow through or be the very reason that you don’t.

Listen to your thoughts and decide whether they are supporting you or not. If they’re not, find someone to help you change the way you think.

3. Does your body mind?

You’ll need to feel strong and committed if you are to do what you need to do to achieve your goals. You notice it when somebody’s posture, the way they move or the expression on their face gives away how they’re feeling inside, because our feelings give rise to our physiology.

Intriguingly, it works the other way too. If you deliberately change your physiology it will affect the way you feel. So practice standing and moving how you would move if you were already strong and determined and well on your way to achieving your goal. That will send a very powerful message to your unconscious mind to keep going in the direction you want to go.

You can use mental practice to help you achieve this.

Close your eyes and imagine watching someone you admire in action, achieving the thing that you want to achieve. Study the way they move, the way they hold themselves and the way they talk about themselves and their goal. When you are ready, imagine jumping into their body – experiencing their movements for yourself.

Then after a little practice at that, you can imagine being that way all by yourself.

And, you already know, what you can imagine, you can manifest.









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