Two easy things to improve your revision - photo of divorce certificate

Two easy things to improve your revision

It’s useful to know there are two easy things to improve your revision, because in revision sessions, just as in other life

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How do you measure up? - photo of blackboard

How do you measure up?

How can you tell if you really know your stuff for the exam? Well, you’ve got to test yourself, obviously. But how

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improve your working memory2 - photo of gorilla

How to improve your working memory in less than a minute

Anyone ever informed you that you’re not as daft as you think you are? Ever had that little voice in your head

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A long-forgotten technique for remembering stuff. Photo of student asleep

A long forgotten technique for remembering stuff

A lot of people are so focused on getting the information into their heads, they don’t pay enough attention to keeping it

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Sleep learning. Photo of puma sleeping

Sleep learning

The idea of sleep learning probably began in 1951 when a couple of researchers at the University of Washington DC attempted to

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