Genius thinking Photo of The Globe Theatre

Genius thinking

I say, I say, I say… What do you do when you can’t hear the actors on stage? Genius, or what? A

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Set to forget. Diagram of learning cycle

Set to forget

Have you noticed that you frequently forget what you revised only a few days ago, even though you were sure you knew

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Photo of Lysette Offley. Do we really have different learning styles?

Do we really have different learning styles?

There’s a fair amount of controversy in education around whether or not we each have our own, distinct learning style. Those who

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Learning by doing. Photo of cat of text book

Learning by Doing

Some people learn best by doing. If you’re one of those people, you can do worse than to link things you want

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The FIrst 20 Hours

Put your mind to it – especially the first 20 hours

Put your mind to it by concentrating on the first 20 hours. You might be surprised by your expertise in this relatively

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