No such thing as a bad memory - photo of Jack of clubs

No such thing as a bad memory

I bet you have a high expectation of your car starting when you turn the key in the ignition! And that you

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Maths can be fun - videos of maths principles

More Genius Material?

   Photomath Smart Camera Cheating or Genius idea? Judge for yourself Mathematical ‘aha’ moments Genius use of modern technology

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Testing, testing! Photo of check mark

Testing, testing

When you’ve sweated buckets of effort on absorbing information, you need to make sure all that hard work is worthwhile. You need

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Character traits of good learners - chart of traits

Character traits of good learners

You need all of the following traits to be a good learner. Consistency and determination have you repeat experiences, over and over,

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Study Technique - Mapping - diagram of mapping technique

Study Technique – Mapping

As you know, I’m a great fan of efficiency and expediency, especially when it comes to fitting your Financial Services revision around

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Congratulations all round - photo of school girls

Congratulations all round?

Many congratulations to the 352,590 students who discovered this week that they’ve got the ‘A’ Level exam grades they need to go

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