Heavens above! Photo of astronaut

Heavens above!

Heavens above: It’s all in the stars this week! Q: What’s a more reliable predictor of living a long and healthy life,

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Photo of book: Fat Chance

Ketogenic diet cures epilepsy

I’m a fat-head! Are you? You’d better hope so, since our brains are 60% fat! When I was at school, I was

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Music to your ears? - photo of knitting

Music to your ears?

Are you one of those people who says that music moves you? Well, this bloke in Vancouver was moved all right! Two

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Music, your brain and exercise - photo of metronome

Music, your brain and exercise

Apparently, some people have known since 1911 that cyclists pedal faster when listening to music. An American researcher, Leonard Ayres, discovered that

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Stoptober = photo of cigarette


How easy is it to stop smoking? On your own? Using your will-power? Not at all. Not impossible, by any means, but

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Phot of Lysette Offley in the Daily Mirror 17.01.12


Channel 4 documentary I had a ‘phone call from a documentary producer, needing an expert on board a pilot (On board? Pilot?

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