Are you addicted to multitasking - video of Beach squirrels

Are you addicted to multitasking?

It’s reckoned that within the last few decades, we’ve had to get used to dealing with four times more going on at

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Are you a gorilla short of a faculty - photo of gorilla

Are you a gorilla short of a faculty?

How many brain cells do think you have? There was a time when it was believed that we have something like 100

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What am I doing up here? Photo of hamster on top of its wheel

What am I doing up here?

Ever got to where you’re going, only to wonder what you’re doing there? It happens to all of us! And is it

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Memories are made of this - photo of woman with iPhone

Memories are made of this

Oh dear! My suspicions are confirmed… A study from Fairfield University, Connecticut, has shown that taking photographs prevents us making memories of

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Creativity is a muscle. Photo of Louis Armstrong

Creativity is a muscle

If you were wondering…(and I know some of you worry about this sort of thing!) … how great musicians improvise –you know,

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