How to develop the skills of the most successful people - picture of Pan c

How to develop the skills of the most successful people

Oh dearie me! The fear of the unknown. Cor lummy! Uncertainty. We don’t like it, do we? That’s the only thing we’re

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You can be glad about that - cartoon of woman multitasking

You can be glad about that

Those of us of ‘a certain age’ might recall seeing ‘Pollyanna’ on TV many moons ago. Based on the bestselling novel by

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Photo of book: Fat Chance

Ketogenic diet cures epilepsy

I’m a fat-head! Are you? You’d better hope so, since our brains are 60% fat! When I was at school, I was

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Laser-sharp mental focus - photo of woman reading a book

How to get laser-sharp mental focus

No, it’s not just you, many of us are sleeping less and less these days. It seems to be a symptom of

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Are you well-connected? - image of neural pathways

Are you well-connected?

I expect you know that your brain is divided into two hemispheres: left and right. It was once thought that each hemisphere

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Speaking a second language - photo of tourists

Speaking a second language – as a first priority

I don’t know about you, but speaking a second language seems like a plan! I’m extremely grateful to be a native English

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