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Are you a figment of my imagination? Or is it me?

Can I believe my eyes or are you a figment of my imagination?

Are you a figment of my imagination? Quote from Marcus Aurelius

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times we’re reminded that we’re all different…

Because we still go around expecting everyone else to share our opinions, values, beliefs etc.

‘Cos after all – our opinions, values, beliefs are right, aren’t they!

So of course everyone’s going to agree!

And that’s where the trouble starts!

The truth is that no two people are exactly alike.

No, not even identical twins.

And we process, store and retrieve information though our own filters; generalising, pruning and distorting as we go…

So is it any wonder our memories change over time?


Yes! I remember it well!

Different Learning Styles

Since we all process information differently, what’s the best way for you to learn stuff, so that you give yourself a fighting chance to remember it again later?

Do we really have different learning styles?


Are you a figment of my imagination? - photo of street artDo you see what I see?

How would I know?


Pay attention at the back!

This is amazing!

Dr Dan Simons, more famous for his Selective Attention Test video, showing us how our brain sees what it expects to see…

A matter of interpretation…

Read what happened to me, when I began to believe what I wanted to believe and thought maybe I’d ‘arrived’!

A Matter of Interpretation


Do you have a magic coffee table too?

Know where I can get one?

What have you interpreted differently which has got you into trouble? Do spill in the comments section below! 🙂



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